Open charity challenges

What is an Open Challenge?

An Open Challenge is a charity fundraising trip, with a pre-planned departure date, in which supporters of any cause or charity can participate. It is open to individuals, or to groups who have joined to work together and support the organisation of their choice. Your charity can get involved by offering a particular trip to your supporters so they can sign up and raise money for your cause.

Which Open Challenges do you offer?

Please visit our Open Challenges page

How many people do I need for an Open Challenge?

For our Open Charity Challenges you are not required to recruit a certain number of people; you can sign up 1 or 20+! All we ask is that you promote the challenge to your supporters as actively as if it were your own bespoke trip and you will have no problems recruiting lots of participants. However, as with all our trips we must have a total of 10 participants for the trip to go ahead and if we do not reach this amount the trip will not usually run. However, we have many charity partners who promote our challenges so reaching 10 participants is usually very achievable (e.g. 1 participant from charity A, 6 from charity B, 4 from charity C). In the unlikely event of us having to cancel an Open Challenge we will let you know as soon as possible and work together to place your participants on a suitable alternative where possible

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Why do some of your Open Challenges include a project visit?

  • Because we tailor the project to match the aims of your charity, it helps people at home learn more about your cause and it inspires your supporters to be able to give something back to a project which has the same values as the charity they support.
  • It avoids 'free holiday' syndrome, whereby participants find it hard to overcome the impression that their sponsors are simply paying for a free holiday
  • Local media interest is greater when there is a non-local angle on the story which can help fundraising participants increase potential sponsorship income
  • The days spent at the project help the team get to know one another and bond if done prior to the physical activity (trek/cycle etc), or enjoy the final days of each other's company before going home if done after the physical activity
  • People like to feel that they are making a difference to the lives of others. Getting involved at a project allows participants to see first hand the difference that can be made if people work together.
  • In destinations where the group are taking on an extreme challenge it gives the participants an opportunity to either rest and acclimatise prior to taking their physical challenge, or to unwind from their challenge if the project takes place after the challenge.
  • It is a great way to interact with the local community and learn the culture and customs of the people.
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How much will you charge me/my charity to work with you?

Not a single penny! There are no annual fees, you do not sign up for anything and there is no commitment for you to work with us (although we find that charities enjoy their experience working with us so much they return for challenges year on year). We are here in a capacity to help you raise funds by offering fundraising challenges and we will only invoice you for the tour costs once the minimum sponsorship has been raised. By not charging you any fees to work with us, we have an added incentive to make the trip work - if the trip is a success for you it is also a success for us!

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What is the price of an Open Challenge?

All our pricing varies depending on the destination. For a list of prices please visit our Adventures page. or email us on

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Why should we work with you?

There are plenty of companies which offer you charity events, and you may probably been working with some of them for many years. So what would be the benefit to you of working with different company? Well, we believe there are several advantages:

  • Many of our Open charity challenges include community projects which help communities at home and abroad, which gives our challenges more appeal to potential supporters.
  • We offer advice on how to make your challenge carbon neutral, which makes them ethical and sustainable.
  • We are a small, dedicated and flexible company which offer a personal service and excellent support to our charity partners.
  • We offer you a range of marketing support services for your challenge, and we aim to help you to make our challenges a success for you, for us, and for the local community.
  • As an ATOL-bonded tour operator, you know you can trust our organisation and you are ATOL-protected abroad.
  • All our staff are experienced travellers and have passion for overseas adventures
  • Dedicated account manager so you know who to turn to for advice and help with your challenge

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What kind of support will I be offered?

We offer a very flexible support package to meet your needs and needs of your charity. At the very least we will provide you with print-ready marketing materials such as flyers, photographs, trip dossiers and copy for your website or newsletter if required. We also provide tips on how to effectively market the challenge and advice on how to convert enquiries to bookings. We will put your logo onto our charity partners page with some information about your charity, and this list will be available to people who would like to choose a charity to fundraise for if they aren't already sure.

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What is the step by step process?

  • You actively promote the challenge via as many avenues as possible (e.g. website, newsletters, social media)
  • Supporter contacts you, enquiring about a challenge
  • You email them the trip flyer, a booking form and answer any questions they have (or you can refer questions to us).
  • Supporter completes the booking & medical form for the challenge and sends the form and registration fee to us. Only when the reg. fee and form is received does this constitute a booking.
  • We confirm receipt of booking form with supporter, send them a trip dossier, discount vouchers, fundraising guide, training guide etc. and inform you, the charity, of the booking and the supporter's details.
  • You liaise directly with the supporter to offer assistance on fundraising for the challenge.
  • Supporter raises the minimum sponsorship by 12 weeks before departure.
    NB. If the supporter hasn't raised the sponsorship by this time, they can pay the deficit themselves or cancel (all options to be discussed at the time in this case).
  • The Different Travel Company invoices you, the charity, for the tour costs for the supporter out of their minimum sponsorship and this is paid to The Different Travel Company at least 8 weeks before departure.
  • Supporter receives their pre-departure info with flight details and other specific info about the trek 8 weeks before departure.
  • Supporter receives the final tour info and flight e-tickets 2 weeks before departure
  • Supporter departs for the trip of a lifetime!

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What else do I need to know?

Our charity challenges include all aspects of the tour from flights and accommodation to permits and guides. Anything which is not included is made very clear at the time of booking. We offer a full pre-departure package which includes specialist advice on what to take on your trip, advice on insurance and how to make your trip carbon neutral.
We also offer a range of post-project travel options for those who wish to extend their trip. As a licensed ATOL-bonded travel tour operator, you can rest assured that when you book with us, you're protected too.

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Sounds great! What is my next step?

Get in touch with us so we can help you select a challenge which will best suit your supporters. We will ensure you are provided with all the materials and help to set you up with a charity challenge. Just use the form on our Contact Us page, email us on or call on +44(0)788 169 86 23 then sit back and let us get to work for you!

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